ITP 405: Professional Frameworks and Applications in Web Development

(2/27) Midterm

The midterm will be an in-class practical where you will build a small web app in 2.5 hours based on some requirements I give you using things you learned in the weeks leading up to the exam. You can use previous assignments, notes, and the internet to look things up. You are not allowed to communicate with anyone in or outside of the class by any means. To study, review all assigned readings and your past assignments and labs.

(2/13) Week 5 - Object Relational Mapping with Eloquent

(2/6) Week 4 - Blade Layouts, Creating Records, Flash Messages, and Data Validation

(1/29) Week 3 - Introduction to MVC and Laravel

(1/22) Week 2 - Object Oriented PHP

(1/16) Week 1 - SQL Joins, SQLite, and PDO